Recent issues with Goodwe's SEMSportal 18 feb 2023

Update on how I get the telemetry from my Goodwe Photovolaic inverter to PVOutput

Recent issues with Goodwe's SEMSportal

Make sure to check the earlier article first. And perhaps the original shell scripting article as well.


SEMSPortal broken

Recently noticed "gap"s on PVoutput. Seems SEMSPortal is having problems?

I was still pulling the data from Goodwe's SEMS portal, so this prompted me to revisit my code.

My "intercept" code broken

The code in my GitHub was broken...

That's all updated now, and what I'm running on FreeBSD.

Use the Shell script

PVOutput requires data in 5, 10 or 15 minute intervals. My inverter sends new data ca. every 8 minutes.

So there's a script that takes the last line from the CSV output of the intercept code, and posts that to PVoutput every 5 minutes.


Make sure you check the and documented files in the git repo.