Volunteering Februari 2016 20 feb 2016

Busy volunteering weekend ahead. Saturday Wifi info for HSLnet in Leende, Sunday Bits-of-Freedom PrivacyCafe in Helmond

Volunteering Februari 2016

Wifi presentation for HSLnet

This saturday (2016-02-16) HSLnet is hosting an informative session on Wifi for the members of our Fiber-to-the-Home coop. This is largely a re-run of a presentation that was hosted last year in a similar session in Heeze.

Wifi is hot topic and we will try to inform on the what and how of (poor) Wifi performance. Next to that we will also provide tips on improving Wifi performance in and around the house. This includes analysis of the situation in and around the hose, optimizing Wifi settings, and adding addionaly hardware.

Privacy Café Helmond

This Sunday (2016-02-21) I'll be participating in a Bits-of-Freedom "Privacy Café". This is the first session to be held in Helmond.

My part is helping attendees secure their phones or computers, or advise them on all computer privacy topics they may have.