Going to Canada 26 feb 2016

I'll be speaking at BSDCan 2016 on the topic of OpenSSL and LibreSSL in FreeBSD. The talk will address SSL in base and in ports, support timelines, security issues, remoaved features and more.

Going to Canada

BSDCan will be held in Ottawa on 10-11 June 2016 at the University of Ottawa.

Looking at my Twitter feed, I'm even more proud to have been selected as speaker. According to Peter Hansteen we (the people submitting talk proposals) made it difficult for them "there was just a lot of goodness and really hard to sort say aye or nay"

The talk

If you've seen my talk at FOSDEM 2016 there will be things you've already heard. To that I will add some new things as well, just yesterday I spotted an interesting commit in the OpenSSL branch. I'll cover that in a next blog-post as well.

You should expect an overview of many things related to Open-/LibreSSL in FreeBSD.

Hope to see you all in Ottawa!