I value my privacy and make conscious decisions on what I share and what I don't. I'd like you to have the same level of privacy that I'd like to have wherever I go.

  1. This blog doesn't use cookies
  2. There's no google- or other analytics embedded
  3. All the Social Buttons are static and hosted from brnrd.eu (Facebook nor Twitter nor Google know you've visited this site unless you arrived on this blog using a link on their sites)
  4. All content is served over https with an up-to-date config a. With strong ciphers preferring perfect forward secrecy. a. If you happen to arrive here via a plain http link you will be redirected to the https version. This may reveal the page you're visiting to people intercepting the traffic
  5. Not even the HTTP referer [sic] is logged (this you can't check yourself so you'll have to trust me on this one)

If you find anything on this site that violates your privacy in any way, do let me know! To my knowledge, all I have is my Apache logs. That means that I know your IP-address and the pages/resources you've visited.