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My name is Bernard Spil and my day-job is Security Architect. I live in Heeze-Leende in The Netherlands (close to Eindhoven) and use multiple aliases. I alternate between

  • Barnerd (IRC),
  • Sp1l (GitHub),
  • brnrd (FreeBSD, Mastodon, this blog)
  • Bernard (my given name at birth).

In my free time I like to run, swim, cycle and hike (not necessarily in that order) and tinker with computers, software and networks.

Besides that I have several volunteering engagements

  1. Core-team member HSLnet (local FttH cooperative).
  2. FreeBSD ports committer.

In the past, I have had volunteering engagements for

  1. Contributor Bits-of-Freedom Privacy Café (Dutch digital rights organization).
  2. TrueOS ports committer (LibreSSL fixes).
  3. HardenedBSD src committer (LibreSSL in base).
  4. EuroBSDCon board member.


In the FreeBSD Operating System project I am a ports committer. Currently I am the maintainer for over 40 ports:

  • OpenSSL multiple versions, including the openssl-unsafe port for testing e.g. SSLv2 and a QUIC capable fork
  • LibreSSL
  • MariaDB client, server and connector ports
  • Apache httpd (apache@ team member) httpd and modules
  • [Nextcloud](https://www.nextcloud.com] server and apps
  • WeeChat

To make LibreSSL work as a replacement of OpenSSL, I provide patches for ports wherever I have the time.


HSLnet is a not-for-profit cooperative that aims to connect all homes and businesses in the municipality of Heeze-Leende.

Currently all of the homes within the 4 villages of Heeze, Leende, Sterksel and Leenderstrijp have a fiber connection or a bundle of cable buried underneath the pavewalk for later connection. Every home has 2 fibers, one for DVB-C-over-Fiber for the analog and digital TV signals, and one for the gigabit internet connection. The minimum plan is 100/100Mbps yet the providers are delivering 150/150Mbps as standard.

As a member of the core-team of HSLnet we advise the Board of Directors and the Members Council on technical and organizational topics.

Privacy Café

Privacy Café is an initiative of Bits of Freedom, a member of European Digital Rights.

In a "Privacy Café" you can learn how to better protect your personal data as a means of digital self-defense. The meetings generally start with a presentation from one of the "stamgasten" and continues with hands-on sessions. People bring their laptops, phones and questions and a team of "stamgasten" helps them protect their privacy on the internet.

This blog

The blog is created using Pelican which is a static page generator. I use the w3-personal-blog template which I've edited to suit my needs. You can find the source (markdown) files and the modififed theme on my GitHub repo.

All in all I've found this very easy to use for a non-webdev like me!

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